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Step up on the Podium

The Platform

Podium empowers content creators by granting them ownership of their advertising potential and aligning incentives with their communities. The marketplace allows creators to monetize early, accelerate growth, and connect to brands to generate ad sales. Creators can package their future brand deal revenues into an Ad Space (NFT) and sell a portion of it to the public to generate upfront capital. Consumers and advertisers can participate in a creator’s journey, establishing a mutually beneficial relationship.


Creators can fund their content and grow faster by monetizing early. They can generate ad sales by being connected to advertisers, while unlocking new revenue streams such as secondary sale royalties.

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Fans can support creators by owning portions of their Ad Spaces, earning a share of the brand deal revenues generated by the creators. Ownership of an Ad Space is in essence a membership in a creator community with unique benefits.

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Brands and agencies can engage the best creators for their targeted marketing needs. They can take this further by establishing long term relationships with creators through Ad Space ownership, reducing their advertising costs in the process.

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The Podium Genesis NFT is a collection of 777 BagHeads living on the Ethereum blockchain. It opens up an ever-expanding gateway to the new creator economy for early supporters of Podium.

The Genesis NFT


$POD, the native platform token, will be earned through staking. $POD is the currency for all transactions on the platform. More information available in the Litepaper.

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Community Illustration

Access to a like-minded community engaged in building and nourishing the new creator economy.

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Owners of the Podium Genesis NFT will be granted access to the PodiumDAO, which will own a diversified basket of Ad Spaces as determined by the communal governance of its members. The passive income from all the Ad Spaces owned by the DAO will be distributed proportionally to its members.


Early-access to the platform, a direct line of communication with content-creators, detailed metrics on collections and creators, pre-launch testing, preferred support and many more perks.

The Roadmap

Phase 0

  • Initiate platform development

  • Exit Stealth Mode & begin community building

  • Stakeholder outreach

  • Genesis NFT development

Phase 1

  • Genesis NFT mint

  • Release Whitepaper

  • Platform development acceleration & team expansion

  • Platform build stress test

Phase 2

  • Token release & retroactive staking distribution

  • Launch beta with early access for community

Phase 3


The Team


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